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Thank you for your interest in the Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program. Español>

Facilitated by a neutral court-appointed mediator, mediation brings lenders and homeowners together in the same room for the purpose of negotiating a resolution acceptable to all parties. For those that adhere to the required timeframes, all legal proceedings will be on hold while you participate in mediation.  This means you will not be required to attend to the legal aspects of the foreclosure while this process is underway, and will be afforded more time and flexibility to negotiate your desired outcome.

Below, you will find two links to webinars.

The first video, “Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program Video,” (20 minutes) describes the Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program and tells you how to enroll in the program. It also walks you through the foreclosure process, various options you may have available, and how to communicate with your lender.

The second video, “Preparing a Loan Workout Packet Video,” (17 minutes) explains how to complete and submit the paperwork that the lenders require in order to consider you for any option to resolve your case. The second video refers to your housing counseling appointment because it assumes you have already enrolled in the Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program after watching the first video and that you have been scheduled for a housing counseling appointment through this program. However, you will find this video helpful even if you have elected not to work with the program. We recommend that you watch this video in its entirety first to better understand all the different documents you will need and how they interact with each other, and then return to the video later if you need to refresh your memory as you begin collecting all the required documents and filling out different forms.

For help with the Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program please call 847-377-3552. For questions about housing counseling and your options or help with paperwork, please call 847-796-8050.

How to use the videos:
You may press the play button and allow each webinar to run its course. If that option does not work for you, or if you prefer to skip over slides that do not apply to you, you may elect to use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move forward and back among the slides. If a slide has a web address, you may click on it and a second browser window will open, taking you to the document described in the webinar.

Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program Video
Presentación del Programa de Mediación para Ejecuciones Hipotecarias del Condado de Lake
Preparing a Loan Workout Packet Video
Presentación para la preparación de un Plan de Trabajo para un Préstamo