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ILLINOIS Hardest Hit Fund®

The Illinois Hardest Hit Fund® Program provides mortgage assistance to homeowners who have experienced at least a 15% income reduction due to a qualifying hardship event and who meet the eligibility criteria. The assistance allows eligible households to avoid foreclosure while they work to regain employment and financial stability. The program offers two types of assistance up to a maximum of $35,000 per household:

HHF assistance is provided as a 5-year forgivable loan with no interest or payments. The loan is forgiven 1/60th per month. If you sell your home at a profit or refinance during the 5-year term, you may have to repay the Illinois Housing Development Authority for the unforgiven portion of the loan.

Where to get more information and/or how to apply:

The official website for the Illinois Hardest Hit Fund® Program is Click here to get more information or to start your free application. Once an application is started, you may select the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County as your desired agency to work with.