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Eligibility & Required Timeframes

Education and Counseling

Education and counseling are available to all homeowners, regardless of when you received a summons, what your particular circumstances are, or if you are eligible for mediation.  We strongly encourage you to view our online presentations, attend our class and/or enter counseling as soon as possible, as quick action is often critical to a successful outcome. 


If you wish to participate in mediation, you must adhere to certain timeframes, as failure to do so will result in forfeiting the right to participate in mediation.

How to qualify for mediation:

Option 1: Enter Mediation Immediately Upon Receiving a Summons for Foreclosure
Homeowners are eligible for mediation if you call the Foreclosure Mediation Program within 42 days from the date of the service of the summons and complaint and schedule a Housing Counseling appointment. Homeowners can call 847-377-3552 for English or 847-796-8050 for Spanish.

Option 2: Enter Mediation at a Later Date
Homeowners may request to enter mediation at a later date provided that (i) no Judgment of Foreclosure has been entered in the case, (ii) there is no pending Summary Judgment Motion, and (iii) the homeowner has not previously participated in Lake County’s Foreclosure Mediation Program.  To proceed: